Rider Profile: Kate W

We are going to start blogging, with permission of course, about our lovely clients and their equine experiences both here at C.E.C and elsewhere. First up is Kate, who has joined us today for an assessment lesson.

Name: Kate W

Age Group: 30-40

Previous Experience: Kate rode regularly a number of years ago and has decided to try and get back into it.

Horse/Pony Ridden: Hugo

Instructor: Cathryn

A little more about Kate: As already mentioned, Kate has ridden previously and has decided to get back into it. Her daughter Sophie comes here regularly and is a member of the C.E.C Pony Club. Bringing Sophie has re-ignited her desire to ride and following on from the gift of a voucher from her children, here she is enjoying her first assessment lesson!!

How have you found your lesson today: "I loved it!" I felt scared at first until I got on and then felt comfortable and confident. Really looking forward to my next lesson!!

#horseriding #horses #lessons #Catherington

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