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  • Angeline Othen

CEC Saddle Fitting!

Super proud to say that all our boys get the best care and maintenance there is but now they even have a home grown qualified Saddle Fitter! Angie qualified as a Saddle Fitter through The International Associations of Saddle Fitters back in March 2022. She, along with Louise and Ruby attended a one day 'Pathway to Saddle Fitting' course by way of an introduction to the career path. Following this she undertook the Level 3 and Level 4 courses covering biomechanical saddle fitting, adjustments and flocking.

Angie said "Ive obviously been working with and around horses for a long time so saddle fitting isn't something new to me, we covered it at a high level when taking my BHS stages many moooons ago! However, although I had a level of knowledge it wasn't anywhere near as in depth and comprehensive as provided by taking the course. The Level 3 and 4 qualifications provide excellent and invaluable expertise in understanding saddle fit for both the horse and rider. Covering many aspects from the basic tree structures right through to brands and their relevance to certain horses and riders. The flocking and adjustments covered in the Level 4 module provided me with the knowledge to fit and adjust to width as well and flock for comfort and balance. Completing the 10 Case Studies after completing the training, practical assessment and theory assessments was a mammoth task in itself! The most important thing for us here at the Centre is that the boys can be regularly checked."

Ruby and Louise have completed the Level 1 and hopefully will be interested in looking further into this hugely interesting and important subject.

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