We offer a loan scheme here @CEC​


Our loan scheme is open to centre clients.  The loan scheme is available on any of our horses or ponies here at the centre.

Loan days are:

  • Tuesdays from 5pm - 7pm 

  • Sundays from 2pm - 4pm


We have 3 options available:

  • 1 day a week Loan Scheme (Tuesdays only from £125 per month)

  • 1 day a week Loan Scheme (Sundays only from £160 per month)

  • 2 day a week Loan Scheme (Tuesdays and Sundays from £200 per month)

Whats involved:


Staff will be onsite to assist if and when required. You will need to be fully capable in walk, trot and canter before you will be considered for the loan scheme.  With child riders, walk and trot is required but the ability to canter is not necessary. However there is a need for the supervising adult to be competent when dealing with horses and they should be willing to supervise at all times and lead where required. 

If you are a parent of a keen child that would like to join the loan scheme but feel you do not have sufficient skills in order to supervise your child we will be running Family Training Courses to provide you with the basics of horse care - sufficient enough for you to the handle ponies and supervise your keen little jockey!  These will start from £55 for a 2 person course run of an evening or weekend.

The horses and ponies will be cared for by the centre but will be available for you to ride and care for on the days agreed for your loan scheme.  You can get as involved with the care side as you would like on your loan days.  Your horse or pony will be available for you to ride in the school. Hacking is also an option, as are other group run activities such as possible trips out to the beach, country parks or x-country schooling, at the discretion of the centre, dependent on your ability.

As a loanee, you will receive preferential rates on lessons and activities.  The loan scheme, offering uninterrupted access to your horse or pony of choice is a great way to learn more about horse care and management in a controlled safe environment.  It will provide you with the skills and confidence to possibly full loan or buy your own horse when you feel ready to take that step.

What a difference a day makes!  Louise s