From 1st August Hacks and Children's Lead Outs will be available


We are pleased to be able to offer Hacks and Children's lead outs from 1st August.

Hacks are available:

  • Tuesdays from 2pm

  • Wednesdays from 2pm

  • Saturdays from 3pm


  • Private hacks from £45

  • Group (min 2) hacks from £40


Children's Lead Outs will be available:

  • Saturdays from 3pm


  • 45-60m Lead Out from £35

Whats involved:


Hacks will be escorted by qualified experienced staff.  You will need to be an existing client of the Centre so that we will have already assessed your ability and have an understanding of the horse/pony most suited to you and the type of hack that will suit you best.

Children's lead outs will be available to children that are already learning to ride at the centre.  They will be lead rein hacks, led by CEC staff and volunteers, out around a fun block where the children will get to enjoy being out and about on the tracks around the centre.

Please be aware that there will be areas of these that will need to be ridden on the road.  You will need to be happy to do so.