What do you get out of Pony Pals?

Pony Pals Club at the Centre gives you experience with horses and ponies that you may not get the opportunity to get otherwise. We provide a safe learning environment for you supervised by experienced, enthusiastic and supporting staff.  We are open to anyone wanting to take part, adults or children (From age 13+).

You may recognise the faces above!  Louise, Rebecca and Ellie were all Pony Pals here.  Louise is now our Head Groom and Pony Club Co-Ordinator, Ellie now has a paid Saturday job here around her college commitments at Sparsholt and Rebecca now runs her own Horsebox Hire business.

How do you join Pony Pals at C.E.C?

We ask that all prospective members attend our Accredited Equestrian Centre Assistant course.  This runs over a number of weeks and culminates in a practical assessment.  Upon passing you will receive an accredited certificate to prove your learning and experience.  This course furnishes you with the skills required to join Pony Pals and attained the Centre safely in the yard environment.  We teach many things required of a Pony Pals member from catching and tying up to tacking up, leading and mucking out.  It stands you in very good stead for the possibility of loaning or owning your own horse or pony when you are ready.

Do you get anything in return?

As a Pony Pals member at the Centre we provide free lessons, as well as stable management and other skills gained during normal yard duties.  For some, it has provided them with enough experience to take the BHS Stage 1!

The free lessons are 30 minute privates or 45 minute Group.  We have Pony Pals Log Books that will be provided and stamped at the end of each session.  We require 2 full days at Pony Pals in return for your free lesson.

We do have a waiting list to attend the Accredited Equestrian Centre Assistant course.  If you would like to be entered onto the list please do contact the office.